Hey everyone! This is my first blog post and I'm pretty excited to join the blog-osphere. Over the course of several years serving in full/part time ministry, I've gathered a lot of thoughts about effective Worship Ministry for today. I, by no means, am the authoritarian of this field, but rather just another worshiper who has learned a few things and can add to the conversation. My heart is that in each of these blog post I'll be able to stretch you as a leader and steer you in a clearer direction for effective and innovative ministry. 

 For this first blog post, I'd like to talk about the topic of excellence in worship ministry!

Now right off the bat, let's get one thing clear: Excellence is not perfection! Mankind is not perfect nor will it ever be until the final return of Christ's Kingdom. The last time a being other than God was called perfect, the world got more than it bargained for (see Ezekiel 28:12-19 concerning the "anointed Cherub"). 

Since perfection is out of the picture, what can excellence mean? I believe that excellence is a heart attitude that learns, serves & leads well above in every situation. More than an idea, it's a spirit that helps propel people. The bible says in Proverbs 17:27 (MEV) "..a man of understanding is of an excellent spirit." Having an excellent spirit doesn't always mean you have the budget or team to get things done, but it means that whatever you put your hands to is done the right way. 

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.
— Aristotle

Now this might come as a shock to you, but an Excellent Spirit can speak a 'go for it' as well as a 'don't go there'. You see, in order to do things the right way, you need to count the cost.  A 'no' answer to your Spirit is just as encouraging as a 'yes'. Sometimes you need more time developing a team member into being a leader before they approach the stage. Other times you might need more finances to accomplish a certain worship goal to get it done the right way. Once again, excellence is about doing things the right way, not just any way. Too many churches and worship teams settle for average when the potential for excellence rest within their grasp. 

Now think about this phrase for a minute: Excellence is Reverence. What does that mean to you? Reverence is a strong noun that denotes deep respect. In our christian walk we have reverence towards Jesus, the Holy Spirit, God's Word, etc. but fail to have reverence in our service towards Christ. Why is that? I believe we need to change our perspective on servant hood. In doing so, it will deepen you and your teams faith and cause you to live a life of purpose. Your Excellence towards Christ and His church is worship to God! It shows that you truly do love the Bride of Christ and all that it can be. Don't let anyone tell you that because you're putting in time and effort excellently into God's house that you're not as spiritual as another. That's just religion & jealousy speaking out. Instead, continue to sow in faith, in prayers, in mercy and grow in this Spirit of Excellence. You and your team will be more well rounded because of it.




If you or your worship team needs help in having an excellent spirit, here are a couple of suggestions:

1. Start by following other worship team examples - there are many great worship ministries out there that exemplify excellence. I don't even need to name them all-you probably already know their names. Just look on their websites to see what they have to say about their worship ministry.

2. Engage a conversation about Excellence in ministry with your worship team - don't just go in there changing everything. Start off with small changes and explain to your team why you're making them. Understanding the 'WHY' helps make the change smoother.

3. Exemplify Excellence - it could be there's a lack of excellence on your team because your not living it. Examine your own self first before approaching the team about this. If you need adjustments, than be honest with yourself and your team about how you need to grow in this area. Your team doesn't think your perfect so it's ok to let your guard down and let them know you have areas of growth as well.

4. Motivate on Monday through Saturday - connect with your worship team through out the week with motivational videos, email encouragement's, social media blasts and any other ways you can reach them. It's always great to know that your leaders care for you not just on rehearsal and service days. 

5. Make Rehearsals Count! - When you rehearse as a team, do you just practice songs or do you also do run-throughs of what the worship will look/sound like on a Sunday morning? This adjustment could mean a huge success for your team before you even have service. Most worship team members would hit home runs on Sundays if they just knew how all the songs fit & feel together. 

6. Preach Jesus - above all, rehearse the goodness of God and the servanthood of Jesus. He led the ultimate example of what it means to serve with all your heart, mind, soul and strength. God alone is the Perfect One and we're just His Excellent Kids!  


I hope this blog has helped you. I'd love to hear some feedback about what you think about this topic. You can leave a comment below or email me at seth@sethputnam.net

For those that are looking for help going to the next level with your worship team, I'm available for mentorship and teaching. Please check out my mentoring page on my website for more details. Stay Blessed!

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